Construction Sites

use waterless solutions and portable toilets to ensure safe and reliable toilet solutions as well as stay compliant

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Event Planners

Use our portable toilets and handwash stations to increase profitability by renting out these products during functions.

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Camping in remote areas

is easy and fun with our waterless toilets and portable solutions bringing dignity and elegance to this hobby.

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Providing Sanitation in times of Disaster

Non-Profits & Government Agencies can provide both Waterless Toilets and Portable Toilets

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Lack of sanitation affects education.

According to the UN, 443 million school days are lost every year due to sanitation and water related issues. Installing Waterless Toilets solves this problem while saving money.

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Need a toilet for your rural home or remote office

Consider a waterless toilet instead of pit latrine or septic system. It’s quick to install, affordable and hussle free.

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Waterless Toilets

Waterless Toilets offer an affordable yet elegant alternative to conventional sewer, septic systems or pit latrines for people in remote areas or areas unserved by a sewer system.

Portable Toilets

Starting a rental toilet Business is profitable. Our portable toilets are beautifully designed and we offer adequate training to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Handwash Stations

Hand washing stations are a great accompiment to people looking to supplement their rental toilet business. They come with a hand sanitizer and tissue dispenser.

Biological Waste Digester

Biological Waste Digester is a natural product for breaking down waste. It will keep your septic tanks and pit latrines odour free. Making it an  affordable option to  exhaustion.

Save Big with Waterless Toilets

The affordable yet elegant Toilet solution.

Waterless toilets have quickly become our most popular sanitation solution for schools, camp, resort, construction sites or a remote home or office, camping sites.


Save Money


Save the Environment


Great design


Multiple uses


No major ground work


Sewage free


Chemical free


Save Water


Save Time


Water Free


Odour Free


Reduce Water Borne Diseases

What type of clients do you work with?

We work with big institutions that want to install numerous toilets as well as home/office users that just need a single toilet installation.

Commercial, Domestic & Budget Toilets

Portable Toilets

How do waterless toilet work?

Waterless composting toilets use aerobic decomposition in the controlled environment of the compost chamber without producing methane.

This process is very different from anaerobic decomposition, which takes place naturally in water-saturated environments such as swamps, and is typical of septic tanks & pit latrines. Anaerobic, or liquid-saturated, conditions produce methane and the offensive odors associated with septic systems.

Waterless Toilets use aerobic decomposition in the controlled environment of the compost chamber and, therefore, cannot produce methane.

As urine moves by gravity to the lowest point of the composting chamber, bacterial action converts urine (urea and ammonia), into a nitrogen-rich liquid that can be used as a fertilizer.

The separation of urine from human waste ensures that human waste remain in an aerobic environment which includes bacteria, fungi, insects and compost worms.

The organisms slowly break down human waste into a dry- compost material that has chemically, biologically and aesthetically similar to topsoil.

The dry end-product contains a wide array of plant nutrients and is intended to be used as a fertilizer/soil conditioner.

The composting process reduces its volume, which is mostly water, by over 90%.

Carbon dioxide (CO²) and water vapour are the primary gases created by aerobic decomposition.

What is your turn around time?

This greatly depends on the Toilet you choose.

Classic Waterless Toilet Solution (4-6 weeks)

Budget Waterless Solutions (7 -12 Days)

Do I have to use a special kind of toilet paper?
No. You can use any type of toilet paper you want, the toilet will compost it without a problem.
How does the waterless toilet compare to a septic or pit latrine?
Waterless Composite Toilets Septic System Pit Latrine
Low Cost of Installation Y N N
Low Cost of Maintenance Y N N
Quick to Install Y N N
Ease of Cleaning Y N N
Elegant Design Y Y N
Waterless  Y N N
Easy to Maintain  Y N N
Hygienic & Disease Free Y Y N

Schools & Institutions

Camps & Lodges

Where will your next project be?

We are looking forward to working on the next project with you. Give us a call or send us an email we will get back to as soon as possible.

Remote Home & Office

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